Note (June 2020): Due to Covid-19 we are not currently offering flight training and do not plan on offering it in 2020. Please check back when things are back to normal.

At DC Aerobatics, we offer:

  • Aerobatic Training
  • Introduction to Acro Flight
  • Emergency Upset Instruction
  • Spin Training
  • Competition Training

Located at Potomac Airfield, just minutes from Washington DC and Alexandria, Virginia in Fort Washington, MD.

Experience all the freedom flight has to offer. Not straight and level flight… anything but straight and level flight. Flight that will allow you to take the aircraft to all edges of the envelope and build confidence in the aircraft like no other flight training can.

Learn to loop and roll the aircraft for fun, safety, or both. If addiction sets in, you can even train and compete in an aerobatic contest.

Most of all, have a lot of fun learning from an aerobatic champion while becoming the best pilot you can be.