Aerobatic Training

Happy upside down student 🙂


At DC Aerobatics, we work with students on their individual goals and set up an individualized syllabus for each student–from a one hour intro flight to competing at worlds….

Cost per hour of flight training in our Super Decathlon is $240 inclusive of airplane and instructor. We generally assume there is an hour or so of ground instruction included with the flight and we do not charge for that unless extra ground instruction is needed–rate for extra ground instruction is $50 an hour.

Cost per hour in your plane is $75. If your plane is not at a local airport some additional transportation fee may be added. We are willing to travel, let’s discuss.

Cost per flight for ground instructing (from an IAC rated judge/CFI) at the Warrenton Airport Aerobatic Box is $20 on “training days” or $200 for the day

We also offer aerobatic competition training and flying in our Super Decathlon for the primary and sportsman levels (coaching is also available at competitions in your plane, lets discuss.). Cost is $240 per hour of flight time, $50 per day for general ground coaching, plus ferrying costs split among student pilots in the plane. This is an amazing sport and we are always excited to bring in newcomers.


Along with individualized training, we offer the following discounted packages (must be bought upfront):

CFI Spin Training/Endorsements

If you need to do your CFI Spin Endorsement (or just want to learn more about spins), come to us for your spin training. We don’t believe that you should just spin an aircraft once or twice and call it an endorsement. We believe that CFI candidates (really, every pilot) should know more about spins. Our spin course is approximately 3 hours with two hours of one on one ground instruction which fully covers all aspects of spins and then an hour of flight time. In the flight we will cover: the falling leaf, incipient spins and fully developed spins, stalls while slipping and stalls while skidding. We will debunk the myth that it is a cross control stall that causes a spin and really get to the truth.

This is a great confidence builder for any pilot as it will turn the spin from the big scary monster under the bed into something that is understood and embraced.

Cost of Spin Training (1.5 hours ground plus 1 hour flight) $275


Three Hour Upset Training ($648 –a 10% discount)

This course is designed with emphasis on getting the aircraft out of extreme unusual attitudes. It covers rolls and loops to get the body used to the sensations associated with this type of flight. Then we concentrate on 1/2 rolls from inverted back to level. We use cuban 8’s to demonstrate how to get from inverted to upright fight with varying airspeeds and altitudes.

Next we do spins. We like to emphasize the actions it takes to get an aircraft into a spin. We teach prevention through use of rudders–it is this prevention that is of most importance. If we can recognize and stop the onset of the spin then we are safe.

After this course, you will feel more confident and have a better understand of how aircraft fly and stall and how to recover from unusual attitudes.

This course is adaptable to all levels of pilots and is useful for everyone from students to airline pilots.


Five Hour basic Aerobatic Course ($1080 –a 10% discount)

This course is designed to cover recreational aerobatics with competition standards in mind. The goal is to give a pilot a good aerobatic foundation to build on if they choose to go farther. It also builds confidence that carries over into all aspects of your flying.We are not looking for perfection in five hours. We just want you to feel save and have a good understand of what the standards are for flying these maneuvers in a competition setting.